Seafarers Awareness Week
28 June 2017 09:00 PM

National Campaign
London, SW1P 2QT
United Kingdom


Event Dates and Times
Seafarers UK coordinates and promotes Seafarers Awareness Week in June each year, to coincide with the International Maritime Organization’s ‘Day of the Seafarer’.

As an ‘island nation’ the UK has always been heavily dependent on our maritime industry. Over 90% of imports come to us by ship, including much of our everyday food and fuel. Yet many people are completely unaware of the world of shipping, the seafarers who work in it, and the essential role of our sea ports.

Each year we focus on a fresh theme for Seafarers Awareness Week. In 2017 we are promoting UK maritime employment opportunities, including shore-based jobs.

Seafarers UK is also stimulating ‘Sea Ports for Prosperity’ publicity, encouraging UK port owners and operators to actively promote their essential contribution to the national economy.
28/04/2017 13:45:27