Patrol Boats and Cutters
29 September 2017 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Norfolk, VA
Norfolk, 23320
United States

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Free for Active U.S. Government, Military, and Law Enforcement personel. Prices from 595 US$

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The U.S. Coast Guard 2018 Budget is set at $877.1 million, that is $173 million more than 2017!

So where is all the money going and how will it be spent?

IDGA recently put together this brand new infographic "FY 2018 Budget Priorities" to explore the key investment areas and how it will affect surface asset recapitalization and sustainment initiatives.

What You'll Discover Inside:
$500 Million for Offshore Patrol Cutters: beginning construction of the first OPC
$54 Million for National Security Cutter: post delivery activities for the fifth through eighth NSC's
$240 Million for Fast Response CUtter: procurement of four FRC's
And more!

Get your copy - click the link to website

"As we build out new fleets, we need to look at how do we maintain those fleets" - Admiral Paul Zukunft"

Due to our military’s legacy systems, future mission success relies on the investment and modernization of patrol boats, cutters, and systems. That's why IDGA is delighted to introduce the Patrol Boats & Cutters Summit (PCB 2017), taking place September 27 - 29 in Norfolk, VA.

PBC 2017 will facilitate critical discussions on current requirements & challenges within patrol boat operations, as well as planned improvements in responding to maritime incidents.

- Captain Rich McDaniel, Commanding Officer, Naval Station Norfolk
- LCDR Natalia Best, Division Chief | Admin, Policy, and Standards (CG-7511), U.S. Coast Guard
- Randall Shaw, Waterfront Director National Security Cutter Project, U.S. Coast Guard
- Lawrence Hajek, PBC 2017 Chairman President & CEO, Condition 1 USA | Former Deployable Specialized Forces, U.S. Coast Guard

We are delighted to partner with Maritime Professionals (MARPRO) for this event. Subscribers can receive an exclusive 20% discount off the standard rates. Use code:

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Must attend event for suppliers to the U S Coastguard