About Us

Ever heard of Wikipedia?

Inspired by the thought of people being able to submit knowledge and information by themselves, we built our portal. For the first time ever, you or your company can create your company listing, event, conference, freelancer profile, job posting or resume.

We want to create a global resource for the maritime, marine, shipping and offshore industry. A resource where you don’t have to pay us to upload your listing, you can do it all by yourself, all basic listings are free to use, and NO credit card is needed.


The concept Maritimeprofessionals.net is developed by, owned and managed by the independent and privately owned Danish company MARPRO ApS. and is based on substantial knowledge gained over the last 30 years with a keen eye to the potential in new technology and disruption.

The target for MARPRO is to establish MaritimeProfesisonals.net as the preferred source of information on a global scale when maritime profiles are searching for jobs, freelancers, companies or events. In 5 years’ time, MARPRO will run a concept with agents worldwide and everybody in the maritime business on a global scale, from students to top management knows the concept and use it on regular intervals when needed.

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